September 22nd, 2011

A very warm welcome to this website which I hope you will find helpful.

Erroll and Lyn Hulse

1biographyYou will see from my biography that I am of South African background and

remain in love with the land of my birth and upbringing. My work has varied, running in three interwoven strands: preaching and pastoring, publishing, and organising Christian conferences. It is a great privilege to be actively organising and furthering the ministry of the African Pastors’ Conferences.

1booksOver the years, I have published a number of books and booklets on various topics.

1articlesA few articles which have not been published anywhere else form part of this website. The first is a biography of “Martin Luther as Pastor and Preacher.” The second article in order of importance to me is “Sixth Missionary Paradigm in Church History” followed by “The Amazing Eschatological Dimensions of Isaiah” and another popular article titled, “Protocol for the Eldership.” The fifth is a brief biography of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and the last is a largely autobiographical account of “Why I am a Baptist.”

Since 1970 I have been the editor of Reformation Today which is a 40 page International Reformed Baptist bi-monthly magazine. The Finder on the Reformation Today website is resource of indices which includes articles published in the Banner of Truth magazine, Reformation Today and also records all the papers of the annual Westminster Conference held in London.

1blogI will make use my blog (web log) to post further articles, reviews, commentary, news and other material on this website from time to time.


If you would like to get in contact with me, you can do so through this website. Alternatively, if your query/request is related to the African Pastors’ Conferences, please contact me via the APCs website.

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